MPSC Update 21/9/2020

MPSC Update 21/9/2020
21 Sep by Dale Foulkes
Dear Members, Parents and Players,

I hope this update finds you and your loved ones well.

We are experiencing times that are unprecedented and I must say challenging.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers, coaches, participants and families who have done their absolute best to ensure the club overall complied with council, government and health department guidelines throughout this pandemic. Your efforts throughout these difficult times and circumstances was very much appreciated by the Committee of MPSC.

Meadow Park Soccer Club is a not for profit club, run by volunteers. Our volunteers devote a lot of time and energy to enable all our participants to enjoy “the beautiful game”. We are unpaid and do what we do because we love the club, want it to succeed. Our club relies on Sponsorships, Fundraising and Registrations for Income. All of these avenues have been severely impacted by this unprecedented pandemic.

As most of you would be aware we have been planning this season since late 2019 and the majority of football related costs are expensed before a ball is even kicked. Uniforms, FV and FFA fees, equipment (new balls, cones, corner flags, goal repairs, nets etc.) have already been paid.

We have now been advised of the FV refund Policy and are working through what this means in regard to the monies that we have paid and what we may expect to be returned.

Which brings me to the topic of refunds, unfortunately we are not in a position to provide a full refund due to expenses incurred. MPSC would not be financially viable. This would be incredibly disappointing for all involved.

In response to these concerns, there are some options available to our community club members we would like you to consider:

1) Roll over what you have paid in 2020 which will go toward paying 2021 fees in part/full – note: next years fees are yet to be determined
2) Request a refund – if you choose this option, the refund will be less already expensed costs per player and full fees will be required to be paid in 2021.
3) Donate what has been paid to the club ensuring we can get through these tough times, remain viable and continue to provide the services we do in 2021.

For option 1, there is nothing you need to do.

If you are choosing either option 2 or 3, can you please email your preference so we can align and put 2020 behind us to focus on 2021.

For any enquiries in regard to MPSC – RFI please contact Frankie Barilla.

On behalf of the committee, I want to thank you all for your support of MPSC and hope we can get through this pandemic unscathed, healthy and ready to go in the New Year. Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards
John Farquharson
Executive President MPSC



As you all know, we are in very strange times at the moment. We are treading water to a certain extent, constantly waiting on an end to this lock-down and a direction going forward.

As a club, we are, like everyone else, bound by the rules and laws of our governing bodies, Football Victoria (FV) and Football Federation of Australia (FFA), who are in turn bound by the government to act in a manner that is in the best interest for everyone. This means we have put everything on hold for the time being.
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Registrations for 2020 Season

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN **** You can now register for Season 2020 with the club releasing it’s membership prices for the upcoming season. While the club is very sympathetic to keeping the costs down, we have been advised of an FV (Football Victoria) levy which has been imposed on every player for which you have received an email over. Continue reading