As you all know, we are in very strange times at the moment. We are treading water to a certain extent, constantly waiting on an end to this lock-down and a direction going forward.

As a club, we are, like everyone else, bound by the rules and laws of our governing bodies, Football Victoria (FV) and Football Federation of Australia (FFA), who are in turn bound by the government to act in a manner that is in the best interest for everyone. This means we have put everything on hold for the time being.

All of that being said, we are as a committee, trying to keep things going behind the scenes. I ask for your patience, I also understand our game is secondary to many of you at this point, it is, however, going to be very important for us all to have a social outlet and some sort of structure and routine to come back to at the end of this lock-down.

I am confident we can provide this in a meaningful way and as soon as possible. We had started our preparations for this season and will follow through in whatever form or shape the season takes. We as the committee would also like to thank you for your ongoing participation and support in these difficult circumstances and ask you to stay positive and stand with us.

As we go forward we will pass on whatever information we receive as quickly as we can, thank you all, we hope to see you all back at the club soon, please stay safe and look after yourselves and your families,

Kind Regards
John Farquharson (executive president MPSC)
Go Parkers

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